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Confidential Counseling at Lifeline

You don’t have to face this alone.

Lifeline has a licensed counselor on staff who provides confidential counseling to our clients.

Whether you are facing an unexpected pregnancy, preparing for delivery, or dealing with parenting or relationship challenges, what you may need most is a listening ear. Lifeline offers to counsel to both women and men without judgment.

If you are The decision of how to handle your pregnancy is up to you. We provide understanding and support to assist you to be able to make an informed decision with confidence.

Unexpected Pregnancy

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming. It helps to understand your options.  Don’t let anyone rush you. Give yourself the time to make an informed decision.

Your first step is to confirm pregnancy. We offer lab-certified pregnancy tests that will provide instant results for no cost. Lifeline also offers no-cost limited obstetrical ultrasounds to confirm a viable intrauterine pregnancy. Before you make any decisions, use these tools to get more accurate information about your situation.

Preparing for Delivery

Are you ready to have a baby?  Our staff registered nurses can talk with you about what to expect as well as help to connect you with various community resources that will provide services and support for you and your new baby.

Parenting Support

Parenting can be filled with many joys and challenges.  To prepare and encourage you in your role as a new parent, Lifeline’s staff registered nurses will listen to your concerns and also provide educational resources to meet your unique needs.  This support is not limited to mothers. We also have a fatherhood coaching program called DadLINE specifically for dads.

Meeting with Lifeline’s licensed counselor, who holds an MA in Marriage and Family Counseling, may be able to help you work through emotional struggles or challenges you are facing. The licensed counselor can also refer you to local licensed professional counselors and other community resources.

Need support with your relationship? In addition to counseling, ask us about our “Understanding Dad” class.

We are here for you.

Call us to schedule an appointment today at 660.665.5688, text 660.207.5340, or set up an appointment online now.

Lifeline does not provide or refer for abortions.

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