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Abortion Pill Reversal Explained

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Have you taken the first abortion pill but are now having second thoughts? It might not be too late! There is a protocol called “abortion pill reversal”, but you need to act quickly! Contact the national hotline at (877) 558 0333. They will help you find a clinic that is close to you.

Medical Abortion

How The Abortion Pill Works

To fully understand the mechanism, let’s first have a look at how the abortion pill works. Mifepristone is a progesterone antagonist, meaning that it blocks your natural hormone progesterone that is essential for pregnancy. Soon after mifepristone enters your body, it binds to your progesterone receptors. Therefore, it makes it more difficult for the real progesterone to be adsorbed. As a consequence, the lining of your uterus starts to break down and the developing baby dies (because she stops receiving the nutrients and oxygen necessary for survival).

Abortion Reversal

How The Abortion Pill Reversal Works

Knowing that, researchers and physicians established that giving progesterone can reverse the effect of mifepristone. The bottom line is that by supplying you with extra progesterone, it may be able to outnumber and outcompete the chemical mifepristone, thus allowing the pregnancy to go on.

If you want to reverse an abortion, though, you need to receive the first dose of progesterone in the following 24h to 72h after taking mifepristone. The sooner you start the protocol, the higher your chances of saving your pregnancy.

Abortion Reversal Effective

Is It Really Effective?

A study that came out in 2018 has shown a 64-68% success rate. The mifepristone in itself might fail to abort (that is why misoprostol is also prescribed), but the reversal protocol can increase your chances of continuing your pregnancy.

In addition, another study found that progesterone can be effective in preventing miscarriage, especially in women with a history of previous miscarriages. Researchers did not observe an increase in birth defects. 

You can read more about the specifics of the abortion pill reversal protocol in this FAQ, as well as testimonies of success stories

Abortion Reversal Safe?

Is It Really Safe?

You may have heard about a clinical trial that stopped prematurely because three of its participants experienced heavy bleeding. To this study, the OB-GYN Poppy Daniels replied that “the actual danger posed to women isn’t abortion pill reversal” and that “The Abortion Pill Reversal protocol is simple and elegant in its design. There is a strong biological basis for this protocol because it is based on reproductive physiology. There is starting to be a bigger body of successful reversals”. You can read her full response to get a better understanding of the issue. 

In any case, the choice of attempting an abortion reversal belongs to you. Lifeline is here to support you. Learn about what to expect if you choose to attempt an abortion pill reversal. If you wish to continue your pregnancy but don’t feel ready to welcome a baby, you can also check out our other free services. They range from parenting classes, free baby items, to adoption referrals and confidential counseling sessions.