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Lifeline Memorandum of Understanding

  • Memorandum of Understanding

  • Services to which Lifeline would refer clients (if applicable)
  • This MOU defines the relationship between Lifeline and the Partner Organizaton and the roles that each party is expected to play. The goal of this partnership is to address the diverse needs of men and women as they navigate barriers and challenges related to pregnancy, parenting, economic stability, and personal sustainability. Specifically, we wish to ensure that individuals served have access to as many support services and opportunities as needed.

    The parties of this MOU have separate missions for which they are committed; however, each party’s individual mission hinges on cooperation and access to vital services for the populations they are serving. These responsibilities include but are not limited to 1) Providing social support to those experiencing challenges or barriers to success 2) Providing education as a means of betterment to at risk or high need populations 3) Providing access to tangible resources to help mitigate barriers The above parties agree that it is to their mutual benefit and interest to work cooperatively to achieve this collective mission and their individual mission. Through mutual referral between these entities, individuals served will have better opportunities for assistance and success.
  • Lifeline Responsibilities

    Under this agreement, the following responsibilities will be performed Lifeline shall 1) provide prenatal and parenting education to female clients who are currently pregnant or parenting infants while also providing vital maternity and infant care supplies through the Earn While You Learn Program 2) provide fatherhood education and mentorship for community fathers, whether expecting or currently parenting, through the DadLINE Program*. The program shall specifically address the areas of parenting skills, healthy marriage and relationships, and economic stability. 3) Provide other assistance programs, such as rent or utility assistance, education and career supports, and external referrals as applicable. 4) Provide referrals to partner organization services as client needs are identified to fit within the scope of the organization’s services.
  • Partner Organization Responsibilities

    The Partner Organization shall 1) Assess client needs for fit within Lifeline program parameters 2) Complete referral form with client to initiate contact between client and Lifeline 3) Accept referrals from Lifeline for organization services as provided within the organizational scope
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