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After an Abortion or a Miscarriage

You are not alone.

Lifeline’s pregnancy loss support offers resources for healing and hope, both to women who had an abortion and those who experienced a miscarriage.

After an abortion, many women and men may feel an initial sense of relief. However, other feelings might follow that relief. Anxiety, regret, depression, or anger may develop. It might be harder to get good sleep. Daily life activities may seem far less interesting, and the desire to withdraw from others could develop.

It often takes time for these feelings to surface. Knowing how to process those feelings takes time as well, whether your abortion was yesterday or years ago.

Post-abortion Support Program

Rather than you facing these feelings alone, we want to support the healing process in an atmosphere free of judgment or shame. Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic offers a confidential, compassionate pregnancy loss and post-abortion support program. This 8-week scripture-focused study that allows you to process your experience with one-on-one support, and is offered at no cost.

Each week you can meet with a peer counselor to discuss the week’s and ask questions. The program also includes homework prompts that offer space for personal reflection in combination with biblical truth.

Women from all walks of life have had abortions or miscarriages. It is normal to grieve a lost pregnancy, but you don’t have to grieve in silence. Your feelings are valid and Lifeline is here to help you.

If you are looking to take the first steps in dealing with a pregnancy loss experience, or even if you are ready to share your experience with other people, this study is for you. We are here to listen and support you as you work through your grief towards healing and hope.

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