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I don’t want to have an abortion anymore.

You took the first abortion pill (mifepristone or RU-486) and are now having second thoughts? It is not too late to change your mind. You may still be able to carry your pregnancy to term and save your baby. Abortion Pill Reversal is a protocol developed by researchers and physicians to counteract the effects of the abortion pill. It works by taking progesterone, the natural hormone that supports your pregnancy. 

Lifeline offers abortion pill reversals at no cost. However, it is a time sensitive protocol, as the goal is to take the first dose of progesterone in the 24 to 72 hours after ingesting mifepristone (the first abortion pill).

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How do I prepare for an abortion pill reversal at Lifeline?

  • Call Lifeline or make an appointment online to schedule your appointment,
  • Bring a photo ID with you,
  • Come with a full bladder.

What next?

You may still not feel ready to welcome a baby in your life, and that is okay. Lifeline offers a wide range of services at no cost, from parenting classes, baby items, to confidential counseling sessions and adoption referrals. Know that you are not alone.

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We are here for you. To schedule an abortion pill reversal, call us at 660-665-5688 or make an appointment online. If you need to talk to someone right now about your situation, call 1-800-712-4357 or text HELPLINE to 313131.