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Lifeline’s Boutique Tour

Why join Lifeline’s PLANS (Parenting Lessons & Nurturing Supplies) Program?

Free education + free baby supplies = uhhh why not??

New or expecting moms and dads can enroll in PLANS, an educational program covering topics beginning with prenatal development all the way to parenting a baby/toddler. Our clients love the information they gain from these lessons. But the benefits don’t stop there: every EWYL appointment earns you five points, and attending other client events like group classes or DadLINE racks up even more points. So what do you do with those points?

Allow me to introduce you to the Lifeline Boutique…

Beautiful, right?

The racks are filled with brand new and like-new baby clothes, from premie to 2T. Your baby can sleep/eat/cry in style with these adorable ensembles:

The boutique has clothes for you, too! You can borrow maternity clothes for free and just return them after baby is born:

And we’ve got way more than just clothes: the boutique covers all your baby hygiene needs!

Because we want to make sure all our client babies have the nutrition they need to grow big and strong, all food and formula is free.

Nurture baby’s mind and creativity with toys and books.

These a just a few examples of the variety of supplies we offer at the boutique! Hats, shoes, bibs, photo frames, nursing supplies: the whole kit and caboodle. Most items are donated from folks in our community who want to help out new parents. Sometimes we even get big ticket item donations, like a crib or stroller. You really never know exactly what treasures you’ll find from week to week!


Interested in getting in on education and supplies? Make an appointment today to get started on PLANS or hear about our other no-cost, confidential programs.

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