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What now?

Are you a new father or a dad-to-be? Learn your options. Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic gives you the chance to work through the questions you have about fatherhood with helpful information from a peer counselor.

Next Steps for Men:

  • Listen. This situation is difficult for both of you – you have a big decision to make. Don’t rush her or pressure her. Listen to how she is feeling and keep the lines of communication open between the two of you. It may not be easy, but your goal should be to work together to come to the best decision for everyone.
  • Stay calm. She needs your support now more than ever. She may be the one who is pregnant but you have both brought a new life into existence. Regardless of where the future of your relationship lies, you are responsible for this pregnancy too.
  • Talk about it. Tell her about how you are feeling and what you think. Talk to people you trust and who will support you. Seek good advice. Be honest.
  • Get all the facts. Gather all of the information you can so that you can make your best choice. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about every choice with its pros and cons. Make sure that she is making an informed decision that is safe for her.

How do I be a father?

Do you wonder how other dads deal with the responsibilities and challenges of being a dad? You can meet one-on-one with a fatherhood mentor who will help you answer all your questions and provide support in a safe, “dads only” environment.

Our DadLINE program teaches new fathers the basics of fatherhood as well as addresses challenges or concerns that a new father may face.

If you would like to enroll in this no-cost program, please call Lifeline at (660)665-5688 or set up an appointment online

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