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Summer Pregnancy? Don’t Sweat It!

Ah, summer! What could be more fun than barbecues, beach balls, and…baby bumps?

If you’re reading this in the later stages of your pregnancy, you might be rolling your eyes. Pregnancy + heat = not fun, you say. We get that. Pregnancy already raises our body temperatures, and our annual friends June, July, and August don’t help. We don’t have to let the humidity drag us down! There are plenty of perks to a summer pregnancy, and plenty of ways to handle the non-perks. Let’s talk through ‘em:


Fresh clothes. Summer’s all about fun patterns, airy material, open-toed shoes that let swelling feet and ankles breathe…and we don’t have to worry about piling on layer upon layer of sweaters and coats over that bump like we would in the winter.

Fresh air. Being (safely) active and breathing fresh air can help keep us and our babies healthy during pregnancy. Even if the afternoons are scorching, summer mornings and evenings are great for a de-stressing stroll!

Fresh produce. Summer provides us a plethora of wonderful fruits and veggies. Whether we grab these from the local farmers market or a chain grocery store, we can help out the pregnancy glow with these vitamin-filled yummy goodnesses that are cheaper and fresher than they’d be in any other season. Plus, we won’t feel so weighed down by the hearty meals of winter.


Swim it up. Take advantage of community pools and lake season to cool off. And wear that swimsuit with pride. There is no need to be ashamed of our bodies during pregnancy. We’re making human beings: what’s more beautiful than that? And if swimming isn’t your thing, carry a spray bottle of water around with you to mist yourself throughout the day.

Wear clothes that breathe. A summer pregnancy wardrobe requires light, sweat-wicking fabrics. Not only will this keep you cool, but also help prevent heat rash. Heat rash commonly happens when skin rubs together, so as the breasts and abdomen grow and sweat starts to collect…you get the picture. Thin, breathable materials will help keep this issue at bay.

Water water water. Stay hydrated! This is always important, but especially during pregnancy. Besides leading to uncomfortable thirst, headaches, and fatigue, dehydration can contribute to preterm labor.

Avoid swelling. Leg-swelling (or physiological edema, if you want to be fancy) can flare up during the summer months, especially for those of us in our second trimester. Try lounging on the couch with your legs elevated, taking a walk a few times a week during the cool hours of the day, and wearing a shoe size up to allow for extra blood-flow.

Seriously, we can do this! Let’s celebrate this season with gusto, ready to relax with our developing kiddos.
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